We help entrepreneurs build sustainable and scalable companies is a 12-month acceleration program for B2B startups. We help them create financial and societal value by engaging our community.








of coaching

Our team has spent 10 years in the startup ecosystem. We have gradually witnessed fundamental changes. Entrepreneurs are more skilled and investments are bigger than ever. Unfortunately, startup support has not evolved as quickly.

Today, we decided to reshape the classical model and to create a mix between a Seed VC and an accelerator to provide an amazing value proposition for our founders.

Why join ?

120h of mentoring with experts in their field

A community where revenues are shared

A selection of trusted & high end suppliers

Our top-notch active mentors

Guillaume Moubeche

CEO @lemlist

Sales & Communication 

Etienne Alcouffe

Etienne Alcouffe

CEO of Junto

Digital marketing & SEA
Sales B2B

Chiara Randazzo

Cecile Fouques Duparc

Ex Directrice Communication EMEA @Netflix

International Marketing & Communication

Toinon Georget
Toinon Georget
CEO Prospectin @Waaapi
Product & Growth Hacking
Marie Vezy

Marie Vezy

HR VP Global Strategy & Innovation @Schneider Electric

Human Ressources & 
Talent Assessment

Toinon Georget
Arbia Smiti
Founder & CEO @Rosaly
Business Strategy & Communication
Franck De Visme
Jean-François Lambert
Managing Partner @Cèdre Ventures
Sales & Business Development
Chiara Randazzo
Selma Chauvin
VP of International Marketing @PeopleDoc/UKG
Growth Marketing & Sales
Marie Vezy
Franck de Visme

CEO @Earthlings || VR Squad

Franck De Visme

Denis Cohen

CEO Dropcontact

Product & Growth Hacking 

Chiara Randazzo

Cédric Moreteau

CEO @C2M Factory

Digital Marketing

Baptiste Corval

Co-Founder (COO) @Phenix

Fundraising & Launch

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